Daikin Cooling King L-Series
Daikin Cooling King L-Series Daikin 冷气机   Service, Repair, Installation | PERKHIDMATAN HUP YAT
Product Range: Capacity Range: Refrigerant:
Wall-Mounted unit 1.0 - 2.5hp R22
Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit Capacity (Btu/hr)
Wireless Wired
FT10LV1L FT10LV1M R09CV1 10,000
FT15LV1L FT15LV1M R15CV1 13,000
FT20LV1L FT20LV1M R18CV1 18,000
FT20LV1L FT20LV1M R20CV1 19,500
FT25LV1L FT25LV1M R25CV1 24,000

Smooth air distribution & Quiet Operation
● SCR motor (Silicon Control Rectifier), voltage controlled speed provides better and smooth air flow swing.
● High efficiency X-flow fan provides smooth air flow and quiet operation.

Auto Random Restart
● Once power resumes after a blackout, the unit will restart automatically at its last setting condition.

Compact and Easy to use Controller
● Prominent temperature display
● Real time clock display
● Easily accessible buttons


Built in Starter
● Protect air conditioner from overcurrent condition.
● This will prolong the unit's lifespan as the unit will be protected.

High Efficiency Hydrophilic Fin
● It encourages condensation of water. The condensated water moves easily to the drain pan thus enhancing the cleanliness and lifespan of the cooling coil.

New Lambda (λ) Heat Exchanger
● The new Lambda (λ) structure with a large surface area makes way for higher heat exchange efficiency.

Turbo Mode
● This function is availabe in COOL and DRY mode.
● Upon activation, the unit will run to full power with the indoor fan running at high speed for 20 minutes. This will provide a fast cooling during operation.

Self-diagnosis System
● Equipped with a self-diagnosis system that can detect and indicate malfunctions with LED lights blinking.

Coil Anti-Freezing Control
● Equipped with self protection system that prevents it from coil frosting.



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